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Changing The Sales Game

Apr 19, 2021

Connie's motivational quotes for today is by – Bill Belichick, “On a team, it’s not the strength of the individual players, but it is the strength of the unit and they all function together.”

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For any business to thrive, what do you think is the biggest asset needed within the organization? Would you, as a leader, be able to accomplish everything that is needed to keep your organization thriving without this asset?  Are you curious as to what this asset is?  Two words – your team!

The next huge question to ask yourself is, “do you know how to build a high performing team that thrives whether you are present or not?”

About Kris Ward:

Kris is the leading authority in building your business by building your team.  Kris is the founder of the Win The Hour, Win the Day philosophy.  She helps entrepreneurs create their W.I.N Team (what is next) team using her signature Super Tool Kits so you can get your Idea to implementation and make your ambitions come alive!!

After the loss of her husband, Kris returned full-time to her work as a marketing strategist.  She was thankful to see that her business had not only survived her absence but was thriving.

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