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Changing The Sales Game

May 9, 2022

Being in business is not for the faint of heart.  The amount of noise in the marketplace is daunting and finding where you fit in, in business, can be a challenge.  I believe that if you choose to do what everyone else is doing, you are likely to get the same results.  The big question is, “are those results the results you are personally or professionally looking to achieve?”  


So what’s the key ingredient in standing out and shining your light?  Be yourself!  Only you can do you!  You deserve to attract a following of loyal customers who are fanatical about you and your business.




Connie's motivational quote for today is by – Mark Victor Hansen, “The magnet principle says like attracts like. You’ll attract to you the people, circumstances, events, money, and resources you need to accomplish your goals.” 


About James Lee:

Jim and we are going to discuss how he made the leap from traditional sales in financial services to become radically successful in an unconventional niche.

Jim is an award-winning futurist and investment strategist. He is the founder of StratFI and author of "Foresight Investing: A Complete Guide to Finding Your Next Great Trade"


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