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Changing The Sales Game

May 7, 2024

“If you don’t have a defined process that moves your people forward so they can achieve greater results, then what is it you are managing? You’re managing the status quo.” – Keith Rosen. I often see managers managing numbers or metrics versus coaching someone to grow and build new and improved skills.  Those who know me have heard me often say, “We can’t coach a number or metric to gain market share or grow sales results.  We need to coach our teams based on their personal skill growth needed to develop to generate new and more profitable businesses.  In other words, behaviors drive numbers, not vice versa.” 


During today's show, we will discuss how to buy back tons of time by training and preparing sales reps to do the job. 




About Stephen Rhyne: Stephen is the CEO of Stephen is a CUTCO Hall of Fame sales rep, and now, it helps companies recruit, onboard, train, and retain more reps.


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