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Changing The Sales Game

Jun 4, 2024

“Even when you are marketing to your entire audience or customer base, you are still simply speaking to a single human at any given time.” – Ann Handley. I always say this: Sales and Marketing are different. They support each other; they are like a marriage. Marketing gets people to agree to speak with you, while sales get the client or prospect to buy from you. My expertise is sales, and I have had to and continue to hire people to help me as I pivot or add to my existing business.


Whenever I have someone on this show who is an expert in Marketing, I listen and learn because it is not my zone of genius.  


About Andy Neary: Andy is a former professional baseball player, a two-time Iron Man finisher, a business coach, and the founder of Complete Game Consulting. Combining the skills and talents he used to compete in professional baseball and Ironman, Andy’s mission is to help business and insurance professionals succeed in their careers and lives. He helps insurance professionals target the right audiences at the right time. His programs help people cultivate the “off-field” habits, mindset, and rituals that lead to all-star performances.


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